Thursday, January 27, 2011

Catfish Paper

            Almost everyone loves to use Facebook. It is slowly turning into the future of the internet. Not only do people go on Facebook for friends and family, the do it for relationships as well. There are however, certain things you need to watch out for with dating online. Let’s say that you get in a relationship with someone online, whom you have never even met before. Then you decided to meet this person face to face. Once you first meet, you think the night could go pretty well, and then it turns out that your date is nothing like they seemed to be. This situation occurs all over America. The problem is that no one understands what it is like to experience this, so they think everyone on the internet is as they say they are. The movie Catfish is the real deal. It is a true documentary about how some lives on Facebook are made up.
            This movie was released in filmed in 2008, and was released in 2010. It is a true story about Nev, his brother Ariel, and his friend Henry. They start to make a documentary about these paintings sent to them by a little girl named Abby from Michigan. The paintings were phenomenal, so they decided to make a documentary about Abby and her paintings. Throughout the story, Nev gets closer to Abby’s family, and talks to her Mom named Angela, her 19 year-old sister named Megan, and brother named Alex. He ends up adding them all on Facebook. Eventually, he develops a relationship with Megan for nine months. This escalates into her sending him audio tapes of her singing. The one day, he recognizes one of her songs. He investigates the song and it turns out that she has just taken credit for that person’s work. He looks at her Facebook, and he starts to find holes everywhere in the family’s stories. The rest of the film is how they find out the truth about the whole thing.
            There aren’t many specific details about the main characters of the story. Nev is obviously the main character, who wants to make a documentary about Abby. His brother Ariel, basically pushed him into the story and helps with the cameras. Henry just records the whole thing. The story has to do a lot about Angela, but if I were to say anything more, it could give the main point of the story away.
             The whole point of this movie is to teach people about how to be careful about what you read on the internet. The thing about lying on the internet is that it’s everywhere. The problem is that no one realizes that this is true. This movie is a great way to show people the truth, and how not everything is as it seems. For example, let’s say that you find someone on the internet. It’s not like you have seen them in real life before. You might not have a clue of what that person might be like. This movie is a good reminder of this problem.
            I liked this movie, but I would not watch it again. I would say it was more interesting than good. It is more of a guideline than a movie I would say. It teaches you not to believe everything that you see on the internet. Other than that, I recommend that people see this movie.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Catfish Day 3

This movie was  screwed up. I'm not saying it was bad, I just feel sorry for Nev. He got lied to by Angela the whole time. She even lied to him about having a daughter named Megan, and having cancer, which is not something to lie about. It's one thing to lie and get caught, it's another thing to lie again after that. I also think that it is amazing that Vince did not know about this the entire time. Angela started to have an affair with some random person on facebook for eight months, and Vince did not even know about it. I think that Angel has problems. I know that if I got tricked like that, and I had to fly all of the way down to Chicago just to learn the truth, I would be kind of pissed. She pretty much tricked everyone in the movie, including her own family. This movie was very interesting, and has taught me not to believe everything that I see on the internet. I also believe that Angela is a creeper :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catfish part 2

OMG! I don't think anyone was expecting that. What are the odds of something like that happening, and they get it all on camera? I thought it was wierd that she pretended to be both of her daughters, and kind of tricked this guy with facebook with tons of other profiles. I don't even know what the husband has to say.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catfish Day One

This movie has been one of the most interesing movies that I have watched all year. It is not like the other one's that have been so boring that you feel like falling asleep. I am actually interested about what happens next. I also like the usage of the internet, and how they use google maps to show the location of where they are going to next.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mobile Technology

Cody Fanum

Change in Society Due to Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is one of the most important things in our life time. They not only give us unlimited entertainment, but they are also great tools. They have long been a part of America and other countries,
and they will be for times to come.
Ever since phones weren’t even invented, there have been ways for people to contact one another. They may have taken longer, but it still worked. When the phone was introduced to our society, it started one of the most popular ways to talk to people from great distances. Eventually, phones evolved into more advanced machines, and were turned into mobile technology. These cordless devices can be taken anywhere, so any one on the earth can be contacted by someone. The mobile phones have been spread out to many countries on earth. It could possibly be the best way to keep up with the statuses of other people.
The privacy of this technology has evolved greatly, as well as the technology itself. There are tons of security settings, passwords, sharing abilities that these machines can give you. The problem is that not everyone is going to have the best password, not everyone is going to have a secure cell phone. Some phones don’t even bother with security settings, and anyone who finds it can just use it however they want. They could make long distance calls, and anything else to provoke the bill. The security on mobile technology is pretty useful, but not perfect.
Even though the entertainment on these phones and iPods are great, that doesn’t mean this is good for everyone. Once phones were first invented, they only had on use… talking. The only way to use phones was to talk into them. Cell phones still have that feature, but now they have other ways to communicate with people, like texting. Now most of the conversations that people have just include texting. It’s not like this feature is bad, it’s just that the main idea of a phone is kind of being thrown away. These phones and iPods also have the useful wireless internet function. This can be used for many things, and could be used for irresponsible things as well. Some kid who could be taking a test can pull out his iPod and look up an answer for a question. This is not providing the smart minds of America as effectively as just studying. When kids are studying, they don’t want to just look at some paper for half an hour. They are going to pull out their cell phone and get distracted. These are all things that can be portrayed as negatives to mobile technology.
Even though there are many negatives with this subject, there are also many positives. The point is, this would be one dull and empty country without this technology.                                                   

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog Opinions

I think the only reason I would use a blog would be just to reflect my thoughts on a subject. I really would not care if anyone would be reading my blogs, or reading this for that matter. I did like the movie we watched for this subject. I never thought you could get famous for just writing your opinion on this blogging tool. I also thought this movie would have been kind of boring. It is not the most exciting topic in the world, cooking. It was however, at least enjoyable to watch. I like it how Julie basically followed Julia to the very end, even if Julia did not like her blog post. If I was Julie, then i might have had a different opinion about Julia. I would not just keep following her opinion. I guess all Julie needed was a role model to fillow to get her started. I kind of wish I had an easy way to get a lot of money by just writing my opinion.